Felisha Maria is a Trinidadian artistic researcher and activist who lives and works in Kiel and Paris. In her examination of the recontextualization of cultural commodities in language, literature and history, she uses painting, texts and interactive installations.

Her most recent projects examine tribute, violence and decay in locations such as monuments, spaces for demonstrations, and other interventions in public spaces, focusing on colonial traces in harbour cities on and near the Baltic Sea. In doing so, she explores how various emotions and memories are constructed, archived, forgotten or passed on. This work manifests in a cooperation with the research group Colonial Geographies at the Europa-Universität in Flensburg, which deals with reparative justice.

In addition to her research on and development of artistic dress based on the impulses of Anna Muthesius’ oeuvre, she has been offering workshops and lectures since 2019 which select and question intersectional patterns in post-feminist German popular fiction.

Since 2017 she has been an Associate Lecturer in Fine Arts at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Art and Design in Kiel. With the funding of the BBK Bundesverband, she is currently developing the artistic dress project, Parade Créole, and co-curating an exhibition of the same name, funded by the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, with Katharina Kenklies of Studio Hoop, Kiel. The artist will lecture on the project at the conference Communities in Europe: between continuity and transition at the Graduate Center for Europe at the University of Birmingham, UK, in May 2021.


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