QUOTAS: This is Germany

Talk in German and English with Antje Majewski, for Candice Breitz’s This is Germany series.

Parade Créole
Workshops and Lectures

Curators: Katharina Kenklies, Felisha Maria

Pop Up Pavillon, Alter Markt, Kiel
September 12th to 26th, 2021
Mo-Fr: 15-19:00, Sa-Su: 12-18:00

Parade Créole will activate the windows of the Pop-Up Pavillon with traces of a non-occurring Carnival. 
Accompanying the exhibition, which includes the launch of Felisha Maria’s Artistic Dress Project of the same name, visitors are invited to Workshops and Lectures which touch upon the themes of Gender-Performance, Recontextualisation, Work-at-Home issues and more.

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