Drawings of male workers. AR Experience on Artivive App.

These augmented reality (AR) posters deal with architecture, consumption, life-paths and the culture of remembrance. In the summer of 2021, posters will be put up in and around the city of Flensburg, drawing attention to the city’s colonial past and present.

In collaboration with the Coloniality in Port Cities working group at the European University of Flensburg, I choose motifs and information that can be relevant and exciting for posters.

One example is the work I Come Fuh Dis Wuk– “I came for this work” in Trinidad and Tobago créole, made of stylized figures from the streets of tropical countries.

When the figure of a cotton candy seller is ‘read’ on a poster, information appears on Flensburg’s role in European sugar imports, the history of cotton candy, and a personal story from a resident of the city.
The AR posters do not communicate purely scientifically – they have a subjective, emotional element in the context of artistic research. This should bridge the gap between academic research and everyday life.