Social engagement and anti-discriminatory methodologies in Art and Design. Part of ‘Unbehagen Pflegen’, a year-long project on cultivating discomfort in the german art academic tradition, conceived by Felisha Maria Carenage, consisting of two seminars and a publication.
Wintersemester Seminar at the Muthesius University of Art and Design, Kiel, Germany.

Brief description and thematic outline.

Using current discourse generated by events such as documentafifteen and the 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, we may look at our own lived experiences as learning and unlearning communicators and ask, “How can we use verbal, visual and other languages to represent and reframe ideas, tropes and power structures?”

Accompanying our bi-weekly reading sessions are lectures, workshops and a walking tour with Kiel Postkolonial , hosted by the Diversity Commission’s ‘Picture This!’ event series. A few events from this semester’s painting class syllabus are also part of the Reading Group. In the coming Summer Semester, a Glossary of Terms resulting from work done in this seminar may be published, if the Muthesius University will fund it.

Participants in this seminar are also encouraged to contribute to the University Student Association’s first edition of its as-yet-unnamed publication, on the topic of ‘Change’

A cooperation between the Diversity Commission and the Fine Art Department of the Muthesius University of Fine Art and Design. The language of instruction is German. Led by Felisha Maria Carenage + Marina Röh.