The Weight of Theodor Storm, 2023. Downloadable Zine produced in collaboration with Alice Yard. © Felisha Carenage / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022
Printing instructions:
1. Click on the photo above, to download a PDF of the Zine from google Drive, or download from the widget below.
Side A includes numbered pages
Side B can act as a poster
2. The Zine is in Letter format. To print on A4 paper, you may need to adjust your printer settings. 
3. Print on both sides, cut ONLY along the dotted line on Side A.
4. (LINK)Instructional video for folding.

The Zine was created to share an English translation of an essay of the same name. Originally published in German as Das Gewicht von Theodor Storm, in the Positions 2.0 catalogue, 2022. Commissioned to accompany a transcripted panel on Cultural Appropriation+Decolonisation, with Carsten Rabe, Siri Keil, Christopher Nixon and Felisha Maria, in Hamburg in 2021.