Illustrations for When Creole and Spanish Collide, Language and Cultural Contact in the Caribbean, ed. Glenda-Alicia Leung, Miki Loschky. Published by Brill in 2021.
Texts about these illustrations appear alongside a poem by Rhea Ramjohn in the Epilogue by Glenda-Alicia Leung.

Language and Cultural Contact in the Caribbean

Whirlwinds of Being, 2020. Chalk Pastel on Sandpaper, 30cmx42cm

‘If we remain at the heart of the image under consideration, we have the impression that, by staying in the motionlessness of its shell, the creature is preparing temporal explosions, not to say whirlwinds, of being.’  

On the shell theme, in addition to the dialectics of small and large, the imagination is stimulated by the dialectics of creatures that are free and others that are in fetters: and what can we not expect from those that are unfettered! 

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space.

Felisha Maria – Naked Shall I Return/ Whirlwinds of Being

Continuing her research with the Queen Conch, two drawings by the artist will now appear in the volume When Creole and Spanish Collide (ed. Leung and Loschky, Brill, 2021). This is a volume of linguistic essays on some of the dialects spoken in the Caribbean basin where the conch is native.

Naked Shall I Return, 2020. Chalk Pastel on Paper, 30cmx42cm